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Register to Vote

My Fellow Americans, Register to Vote

Today is the fourth Tuesday in September, that means it’s National Voter Registration Day here in the USA. If you’re a US citizen and you haven’t registered, take some time and do it today. Registering to vote is super easy (usually only takes a few minutes) and it’s essential. Your voice is valid, and it matters now more than ever.

There are a few ways to register, but here are a few of my favorite resources:

  • Vote.org
    This is my favorite. Here you find tools to register, and you can check the status of your registration. Be sure to do the latter, some states (Ohio) are trying to purge voter rolls for inactivity.

  • How to register to vote #RegisterToVote
    Google has a handy tool to help you figure out how to register. Just simple search for that phrase (or click the link above) and all the information is at your fingertips.

  • Rock the Vote
    This nonprofit and nonpartisan organization focuses on increasing the turnout for younger Americans and has been around since 1990.

I’ve said this before, but today is an appropriate day to restate that anyone trying to prevent or making it difficult for citizens to vote are the bad guys. In an era of voter disenfranchisement, suppression, and gerrymandering, the people must step up and elect leaders that fight for the rights of the citizenry. Do your duty: register and vote.

Americans: Go Vote

Americans: Go Vote

It’s November 8th here in the United States. The day we cast our ballots for the next President of our country. While I have readers all over the world, I’m going to take a moment to talk to those who are American.

Go vote. Please vote. Please. Every race is important. From your school board to local offices to your state and city elections; not just our national election.

We do mail-in voting here in Washington, so I already voted weeks ago. I’m not going to tell you which way to vote. (Although, over the last few weeks I haven’t been exactly silent on my support.) What am I am going to do is encourage you to do it. It’s important.

For some places, casting your vote will be easy. In many others, thanks to voter suppression movements, it’ll be much more challenging. As I posted yesterday on Facebook as an American citizen, no one has the right to stop you from voting, if you’re in line to vote when the polls close THEY ARE LEGALLY REQUIRED TO ALLOW YOU TO VOTE. Remember that. Same goes for your employer with a few caveats depending on your state. [Details Here]

If you’re intimidated at polls or have problems voting, keep these numbers handy:

  • 866-Our-Vote (English)
  • 866-Ve-Y-Vota (Spanish)
  • 866-API-Vote (Asian Languages)

Find out more information at: 866ourvote.org

It’s a big day for our country. Go vote and let your voice be heard.