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Seattle Geekly!

I’m On Seattle Geekly

Last week I was invited by Shannon and Matt over to the Geekly Studios to be on my favorite podcast: Seattle Geekly! The day has arrived, the podcast is up, and you can listen now! Download the episode from iTunes, listen to it on Seattle Geekly’s websitelisten over on Stitcher, or just hit play below:

Seattle Geekly for Thursday, February 19, 2015

I’m honored to be one of the final guests for a great podcast. I had a lot of fun and I hope everyone enjoys it. Huge thank you to Shannon and Matt for having me on. It was nice to relax and geek out for a while. (Also, Matt, I’m still very interested in joining you for that session of Call of Cthulhu.)

Seattle Geekly is giving away a few signed copies of Old Broken Road along with the launch of today’s episode. To win all you need to do is tweet with the hashtag #KMAbook before 3PM tomorrow (02/20/15). There’s still plenty of chances to win. Good luck!

Seattle Geekly!

I’m Going To Be On Seattle Geekly

Yesterday I had the honor to be interviewed by Shannon and Matt of Seattle Geekly, our local geek-centric podcast. We talked about my books, mythos fiction, Lovecraft, and a lot more. I had a blast and I’m super grateful for the opportunity, they’re both excellent people.

The episode airs next Thursday, February 19th so mark your calendars. They’re also going to be giving away a couple signed copies of Old Broken Road to their twitter followers, so make sure you’re following them so you can have a chance to win.

You can subscribe to Seattle Geekly via iTunes, RSS, or through Stitcher. You can also listen via their website: seattlegeekly.net. I’ll also be posting the episode here as well so stick around.

Friday Link Pack 02-06-2015

Hear ye, hear ye! Today is the day of Frigg, or as we now know it, Friday. That means it’s time to share a few links I’ve found over the last few days. Some of these I mention on Twitter, if you’re not already following me there, please do! Have a link I should feature in the upcoming link pack? Click here to email me and let me know! All right, let’s get to it…


Wordslingers: An Interview With K.M. Alexander
I’ve done a few interviews in the past. But I have to say my interview with S. Lee Benedict has to be one of my favorites. He asks me some of the best questions I’ve ever been asked during an interview, ended up being a lot of fun. Also make sure you check out Benedict’s own novel, The Heart Thief.

S. L. Huang On The Subject Of Unlikable Women Protagonists
Why do the unlikeable protagonists always have to be men? In her guest post for Chuck Wendig’s TerribleMinds, author S. L. Huang makes a case appealing for more varied female characters.

To Kill a Mockingbird sequel Go Set a Watchman coming in July
In what has been heralded as the greatest literary news of the year Harper Lee returns to literature after  55 years. And you thought George R. R. Martin was slow. (I can’t take credit for that joke, this fake GRRM twitter account can.)

Oh Noes, The Sky Is Falling
Despite the hand wringing from Publishers Weekly about the decline in science fiction sales, writer Amanda Green explains how science fiction isn’t dead, it’s more alive than ever. (Also, who cares what the Publisher’s Weekly frets about, tell the story you want to tell.)

The Real Science Of Science Fiction
Great piece from the The Guardian on the co-dependency between science and science fiction and how each influences the other.


Overlooked Details: An Artist’s Journey
A short documentary from filmmaker Scott Wilson about what it takes to be a creative. It’s not just talent. It will never be perfect. And success is not a destination. Starring my wife, Kari-Lise Alexander, our friend Steve Leroux, and even little ol’ me!

Sam Wolfe Connelly: Winter Selections
If you follow me on Pinterest you’ve seen some of Connelly’s incredible and creepy paintings before. Beautiful Bizarre Magazine highlights some of his latest works and some of his classic pieces. I love this stuff. [Thanks to Kari-Lise for sharing this with me.]


The Creepiest Things You Can Do on Facebook
Yep, this made me laugh. Also, filed under: things I’m going to try out with my sister-in-laws. (They don’t read my blog, so I’m safe.)

The NFL Cleanse
Over the course of a single week, Ruth Baron ate all sixty-two of the fast-food meals advertised during the playoffs. RIP Ruth Baron.

The Psychological Difference Between $12.00 And $11.67
A fascinating look at the effect of pricing on people. Something to consider when you price your own creative work perhaps?

Royalty, Espionage, and Erotica: Secrets of the World’s Tiniest Photographs
Photo Sharing isn’t a new concept apparently, eat your heart out Instagram.

Lovecraft Story of the Week:

The Crawling Chaos
“It is the end. They have come down through the gloaming from the stars. Now all is over, and beyond the Arinurian streams we shall dwell blissfully in Teloe.”

Opium’s a hell of a drug.

Gif of the Week:
Googly eyes solve everything!

Ophelia by Kari-Lise Alexander

Friday Link Pack – 11/07/14

Hellooooooo Friday! It’s time to share a few links I’ve found over the last few days. Some of these I mention on Twitter, if you’re not already following me there, please do! Have a link I should feature in the upcoming link pack? Let me know! All right, let’s get to it.


Author Interview: K. M. Alexander
Hey, it’s me! Check out this interview I did with Wendy VanCamp for her writing blog No Wasted Ink. (Follow her, she posts great stuff.) We talk about writing, messages within my books, The Stars Were Right, cover design, and more. Big thanks to Wendy. I had a lot of fun.

David Farland’s Kick In The Pants—Taking Criticism
Criticism. If you do anything public you’re going to face criticism. Sometimes a lot of it. Dave Farland discusses how we as writers can accept and work through it.

Finding Marlowe
In this brilliantly written piece for the LA Times. Daniel Miller explore the story of Samuel Marlowe, the black Private Investigator who influenced and advised noir greats like Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett.

Bad Year In Bear Lake
It’s an old man story generator, and it is amazing. (Hit refresh) Thanks to Steve for submitting this.

33 Thoughts On Reading (A Manifesto Of Sorts.)
Yes. Yes to all of these.


Last weekend Kari-Lise and I descended upon San Francisco in a quick whirlwind of a trip to celebrate the opening of the LAX/SFO group show. The works was astounding as you can see. You can see Kari-Lise’s piece Ophelia here.

Kris Kuksi’s Antiquity in the Faux
There’s always something engaging in Kuksi’s assemblages. The level of detail and tone is never anything short of amazing. His new series opening November 15th in Los Angeles is no exception.


How Sleeping Beauty Is Accidentally The Most Feminist Animated Movie Disney Ever Made
Leigh Butler makes the case, and I found myself coming away from the article agreeing with her. Who’d have thunk it right?

The Definitive List Of Lovecraftian-Themed Video Game
If you’re in the mood to play a game that includes some spine tingling cosmic horror, then the Lovecraft eZine assembled an immense list of titles. My recommendation from this list: The Last Door. It’s so good.

The Three Breakthroughs That Have Finally Unleashed AI On The World
We’re witnessing the dawn of artificial intelligence, and the Wired explores three big advancements in the field that is ushering in a new age of technology.

Lovecraft Story of the Week:

In The Vault
George Birch, an undertaker in a sleepy New England town, finds himself trapped in the vault where coffins are stored for spring burial.

Gif of the Week:

Together foreeeever...

Dungeon Crawler Radio

I’m Going To Be On Dungeon Crawler Radio!

Tomorrow, October 16th, I will be appearing on Dungeon Crawler Radio… LIVE. The show starts at 6pm MT and you can listen live here. I should be showing up around 6:15pm MT. I’m excited. Looking forward to talking Old Broken RoadThe Stars Were Right, Lovat, the Territories, the Aligning, and whatever else comes up.

You can find out more on Dungeon Crawler’s website and make sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Friday Link Pack 07/25/14

A Game as Literary Tutorial: Dungeons & Dragons Has Influenced a Generation of Writers
Friday is here! It’s time to share a few interesting links I have found throughout the week. Some of these I mention on Twitter, if you’re not already following me there, please do! Have a link I should feature in the upcoming link pack? Let me know!


Barbarians At The Gate! Indies Vs. Big Publishing
Fantastic article from novelist Amy Eyrie on the Amazon/Hachette fight. (This will be my only indie/big publishing article this week, I promise!)

Author Interview: K. M. Alexander
At the beginning of this week I was interviewed by the illustrious Jim Pyre. We talk about writing, The Stars Were Right, the future of publishing, plot ideas, cat hats, and a lot more!

A Game As Literary Tutorial
The New York Times examines how many speculative fiction authors have been influenced by Dungeons & Dragons. Since tabletop roleplaying games are all about narrative this doesn’t come as much of a surprise. I do wish they had mentioned more women authors, I know there are plenty of women in genre who were also gamers growing up.

I Can’t Even
I loved this article from Clive Thompson (@pomeranian99) examining Lovecraft’s intent of describing the indescribable. Thanks to Steve for the tip.

The Writing Tools Of 20 Famous Authors
What tools did some of your favorite authors use to pen their own work? Find out in this fun article from the folks at Flavorwire.

Exclusivity Is Bad: Why My Books Won’t Be On Kindle Unlimited
On Tuesday I wrote a quick article on why my books won’t be available on Kindle Unlimited anytime soon. TL;DR—I don’t like exclusivity, it hurts readers. I’d rather my books be available on as many platforms as possible.


Beneath The Streets Of Romania’s Capital, A Living Hell
A stunning and heart-wrenching look at the homeless men, women, and children who live in the tunnels and sewers beneath the streets of Bucharest and struggle with poverty, drug addiction, HIV, and tuberculosis.

Mapbox Showcase
It’s no secret I’m a mapophile, I love maps. So when I found this showcase showing the various styles of map created by the mapping platform Mapbox I ended up spending many many hours poking around and exploring. My favorite project: a tossup between 1940s New York and The National Parks.

One Of The Solar System’s Largest Volcanoes Is Right Here On Earth
Tamu Massif sits about a thousand miles off the coast of Japan and it rivals even the mighty Olympus Mons.

Lovecraft Story of the Week:

Ex Oblivione
The dreams of a dying man.

Farewell Gif of the Week: