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Let’s talk about bookplates! I’m a big fan of hardcover books. There’s something about their heft and the way the spine cracks when opened. Whenever I read them I feel all old and noble, and if the book is big enough (looking at you George R.R. Martin) they’re a great workout. I have an office full. With all these hardcovers my wife saw an opportunity to make me some bookplates of my own and I absolutely love ’em. They’re fantastic. She made mine from this image:


Yep that’s death on a Penny-farthing scaring what I think is an old milkman. As I said: fantastic.

There is a great post on Buzzfeed of thirty-five bookplates of people significantly more famous than myself. Everyone from the Queen Victoria to H.P. Lovecraft. Which prompted me to share mine. There’s a lot of cools ones in there, so I forced myself to pick my top three. If I had to choose I’d pick:

  • Edgar Rice Boroughs’ art nouveau-style wild man and his simian companion.
  • Jaunty Woodrow Wilson day dreaming about a cathedral. 
  • H.G. Wells’ fantastical balloon

What are your favorites? (Stick with three and leave a comment!) Do you have a bookplate of your own? (I’d love to see it!)