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Reading Recommendation: Blogroll #2

Reading Recommendation: Blogroll #2

Last time I did this, it was 2013. So it’s been a ridiculously long time between posts. A lot has changed since those carefree halcyon days of yore. Blogs have fallen off my RSS reader, others have been abandoned, and new ones have risen to take their rightful place. Since it has been internet eons, I thought it was high-time to take a moment and share five blogs I’ve been enjoying over the last few years.

File 770

Mike Glyer’s Hugo Award-winning fanzine is a reliable resource for those who want to stay in touch with the comings and goings in science-fiction and fantasy. If you write speculative fiction, or if you’re just a fan I highly recommend making File 770 a part of your day. (In particular pay close attention to their daily Pixel Scroll.)


Don’t let the name fool you, Anne C. Perry and Jared Shurin run a solid fanzine. While you’ll find the more standard book reviews and opinion articles among their content, Pornokitsch also focuses on sharing longer-format articles. Well written and often thought-provoking these posts make Pornokitsch stand out.


A blog about RPGs and writing with a focus on gaming and worldbuilding, Mythcreants goes out of their way to be a resource for the creator. There’s a lot of content, from podcasts and how-to articles, all work towards making your work the best it can be.


Those who have been reading my blog (and books) for any length of time know that I am a big fan of old art—epsecially the weird stuff. (Heck, the engravings of Gustave Doré features prominently on the covers of The Bell Forging Cycle.) MONSTER BRAINS celebrates the weird old creations and highlights the strange. It’s an excellent resource and a must-follow for monster fans.

Fantasy Book Critic

The good folks at Fantasy Book Critic focus on—as one would expect from their name—reviewing fantasy books. But, unlike many other sites of their size, they’re also active in the indie community and go out of their way to feature articles from newcomers. It’s a great community and a phenomenal blog.

Hopefully, it doesn’t take me four more years before I  serve up another blog roll. In the meantime, I hope you find these five blogs handy. Perhaps they will become regular reading for you as well.

How about you? What are your go-to daily blogs? Leave a comment below and let me know!

The Stars Were Right & Old Broken Road

Three Recent Reviews

It’s been awhile since I have done this, and I really wanted to share some recent reviews with everyone. In the past I have pulled quotes from Goodreads or Amazon so I am going to change it up this time and pull some quotes straight from some blog posts. Links to the full review will be below the quote.

A. Fae reviewed The Stars Were Right:

“I read straight through the night and couldn’t put it down. Mr. Alexander is a wizard at creating a world one could only dream about.”

Read the rest of A. Fae’s review at Truth About Books →

Lisa also reviewed The Stars Were Right:

“The Stars Were Right is a great effort for a first book. Author K.M. Alexander creates a vivid and complex fantasy world with likeable characters.”

Read the rest of Lisa’s review at The Dunwich Review →

Kristen reviewed Old Broken Road:

[In Old Broken Road] “He stays true to the strange world he has created, full of various species, languages, religions, and its unique blend of ancient troubles and modern conflicts.”

Read the rest of Kristen’s review at Black Heart Magazine →

Big thanks to these three for reading my books and posting a review. I really appreciate it. If you have read my books please consider taking the time to write an honest review. It doesn’t have to be on a blog, doesn’t have to be long, but leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads goes a long way towards helping me out and it helps out your fellow readers as well.

Are you a book blogger looking for something new to read and review? I have review copies of both my books available! Contact me, let’s talk about stuff →

New Address: blog.kmalexander.com

K. M. Alexander
I’m doing a little bit of backend work on the blog, it’s very exciting stuff and will focus mainly around me moving the ol’ blog to its new address. Ooooo…yeah, okay, it’s not that exciting but it’s for the best. None of my regular readers will have to do anything everything should be done automagically on the backend. In fact you should already be seeing I Make Stories at its new location: blog.kmalexander.com.

Have a good weekend!

Introducing: The Telegram

The Telegram

I am starting an email newsletter! For now I am going to shoot for monthly messages, but I intend to ramp up to a bi-monthly distribution later this fall. It’ll be full of all sorts of stuff: tips on writing, reading recommendations, news on my books, interesting links, maybe even a few guest posts. You can sign up for The Telegram here!

Also, some of my old readers might notice there is a new look going on here at my blog. I spent some time over the weekend working on the site while prepping for the release of The Stars Were Right. The goal is simple, keep content the focus but still surface some other important information in a sidebar. I hope everyone likes it. Pardon my dust while I keep adjusting things.

The Passive Voice

A writing pen image, which is super original on a writing blog. It's all I could do on short notice, cut me some slack okay.

I’m going to start highlighting blogs that I hit up on a regular basis concerning writing, publishing, or anything else I find interesting. Feel free to suggest any to me as well, via email or on twitter. I am always hungry for new content and if I like it I’ll do my best to share.

Todays addition:

The Passive Voice

The blog hails itelf as being about “Writers, Writing, Publishing, Disruptive Innovation, and the Universe” and it covers all of that. It’s become my goto link for all manner of news dealing with publishing and self-publishing from interviews, articles, excerpts, to quotes. I am finding it more and more relevant to my journey into the publishing sphere.

I included it in my Links section at the bottom of my page. My goal is to get a second column on here someday, and all that stuff waaaaaay down at the bottom will be higher up and actual useful/findable. (Biggest downside to the Chunk theme in my opinion.) So yeah, I’ll fix that, someday… soon… after I finished that next chapter.