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K. M. Alexander is a Pacific Northwest native and novelist living and working in Seattle with his wife and two dogs. He is an avid hiker, cold-weather enthusiast, world traveler, wannabe cyclist, and a self-proclaimed beer snob. His work explores non-traditional settings within speculative fiction, bending and blending genres to create rich worlds and unique, approachable characters.

His first novel The Stars Were Right—a Lovecraftian urban fantasy—arrived in late 2013. Since then he’s published two more books in his Bell Forging Cycle, the sequel Old Broken Road in 2014, and the third book Red Litten World which arrived everywhere on Tuesday, October 6th, 2015.

K. M. is available for speaking engagements, interviews, and appearances.

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K. M. Alexander

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Alexander paints a beautiful world for his readers and delivers a story that is utterly gripping.

“Nothing about this book is ‘normal’ which is one of my favorite things about it!”

“I read straight through the night and couldn’t put it down. Mr. Alexander is a wizard at creating a world one could only dream about.”

“The Stars Were Right is a great effort for a first book. Author K.M. Alexander creates a vivid and complex fantasy world with likeable characters.”

[In Old Broken Road] “He stays true to the strange world he has created, full of various species, languages, religions, and its unique blend of ancient troubles and modern conflicts.”

“The Stars Were Right is a very good read for fans of Lovecraftian fiction, post-apocalyptic fiction or just non-standard murder mysteries.”

“Part thriller, part urban fantasy, The Stars Were Right is a wild tour through a wild city.”


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