It's a blabber egg!

Speakin’ Gibberish

I’m a sucker for language experiments. So when I read this little article in the New York Times called “How to Speak Gibberish,” I had to seek out the video mentioned. You can watch it below.

In it, Sara Forsberg experiments with the phonetics of languages. By doing so, she manages to replicate the sound fairly accurately, at least to my ear. It’s a fascinating experiment, and I can see why it drew so much attention and why Forsberg was tapped to create a conlang for The Force Awakens.

Since posting this four years ago, Forsberg has gone on to a musical career under the name Saara. She still posts regularly on YouTube, and you can follow her over on Instagram. There’s also a follow-up video with some quick Q&A.

P.S. I’m not sorry for that weird egg in the featured image.

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