Community Starts With You

Community Starts With You

Hello friends and readers! Today I’m asking you to join me in taking part in something pretty extraordinary.

My friend Brandie Heinel is moving to Tanzania to build an orphanage, foster home and community center. The construction of these buildings will help create over 100 new jobs, educate over 600 new students and leave a positive impact in both of these communities for generations. Brandie is overseeing the construction and working alongside the school’s administration to ensure that the project is completed and the community’s needs are met with utmost care and support.

I’ve been following her progress via, and the partnership between her and the community is inspiring. I want to spread that inspiration. She’s already raised over $8,000 of her $40,000 goal, but she needs your help!

The holiday season is a time to give thanks – a time when we show others how grateful we are for our own great fortune. What better way to begin the season of giving than to give the infinite gifts of health and education?

So please, visit her fundraising page at Please DONATE there and help her give the children of Tanzania the opportunity to live happy and healthy lives in a campus that is dedicated to their future. The $10, $20 or more you might spend on a shirt, lunch, or beer this week could instead go towards sustainable and necessary community-created care for brilliant children. Help to be part of a community building an orphanage, foster home and community center. Brandie only has 42 days left to reach her goal of 40k. What could be better? Please donate and tell your friends!

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