Fan Art Highlight – Heath Lewis

Dauger 2 by Heath Lewis
Dauger 2 by Heath Lewis

In my discussion with readers the subject of the dauger has come up a lot. They seem to be a favorite race in The Stars Were Right and there is a great deal of fascination surrounding their culture, their masks, and what lies underneath. With that sort of interest already in the community I was stoked to see illustrator Heath Lewis take a crack at how he perceives the dauger. His drawings of the masks, the subtle art-deco flair, the rendering of the metal, are not only amazingly well done, but a really cool envisioning of the race.

Dauger 1 by Heath Lewis
Dauger 1 by Heath Lewis

Along with those character explorations, Heath has also done a few more illustrations of the various styles of masks as well. I really like seeing these side by side. Which is your favorite?

Dauger Masks by Heath Lewis
Dauger Masks by Heath Lewis

Okay… there’s also one last thing: If you have finished The Stars Were Right, then I would also encourage you to take a look at his drawing of the villain. It’s kind of spoilery so to be safe I am going to hide it behind a link, but it’s seriously amazing: CHECK IT OUT HERE.

Seeing creations like this is one of the things I love most about being a storyteller.  I might write the words but it’s the imagination of the readers that make them real. A heartfelt thanks to Heath for spending his time doing this. You can see more of his work at his project Wowley Heck, or contact him at: He is available for freelance work, and is always looking for commissions, so consider him if you’re looking for illustrations on your own project. The man has serious skills.

So what do you think? Does Heath’s vision of the dauger match with the dauger in your mind? Would you draw them differently? Are they perfect as-is? Hash it out in the comments! I’d love to hear what you think.


Do you have some fan art you want to share? I’m going to keep highlighting art from The Stars Were Right fans and readers and would love to share it with everyone! If you have any fan art submissions please email them to me at: with the subject line: “Stars Fan Art Highlight.” Include any links to a website showing your work so I can share that as well and let me know if people can buy your piece/prints/etc.

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