How to take a great author photo

How to take a great author photo

Richard Kadrey tweeted this on Friday. It made me laugh, so I am sharing it here. (Click the image to see it larger.) Obviously with “The Stars Were Right” only five days away I have been thinking about my own author photo.  As you can tell: I am clearly following a few of these tips.

9 thoughts on “How to take a great author photo

    1. If I took an action shot, there is zero chance I’d be that put together. I’d be unshowered and disheveled in my t-shirt and pajama pants. Surrounding me would be towers of half-full coffee mugs, copious notes, rough sketches, and empty beer cans.


  1. Reblogged this on Glitter Writer's Book Blog and commented:
    Your manuscript is done. Ready for your author photo?
    When it’s time for my author photo on my book, I’ll probably go with the “If you’re worth it, flaunt it” style. Friendly, not too serious, but not too crazy either.
    What kind of author photo best suits your personality?


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