Running the Numbers #4

Running The Numbers

It’s that time again! I figured since this is a regular occurrence it deserved a super cheesy lead image. So let’s all give a big warm welcome to our stock photo Running The Numbers™ collage!

I’m going to start breaking my numbers post out by project – just for organization. Newest on the list: my latest manuscript Bell Caravan’s Book 2: Old Broken Road (yay!) Also a new interesting number in Coal Belly, publisher inquires, so far since listing my manuscripts on Publisher’s Marketplace ($20 bucks a month, totally worth it as an indie author.) I have had two indie publisher inquires. Ultimately I didn’t feel like either publisher were the right fit for the manuscript but it was still nice have someone seek my work out. Okay, enough jibber jabber, to the numbers:

Old Broken Road:

  • Word Count: 10,111 (Goal is 90-110k)

The Stars Were Right:

  • [Final] Word Count: 87,937

Coal Belly:

  • [Final] Word Count: 132,570
  • Publisher Inquiries: 2
  • Total Agents Queried: 85
  • Unanswered Queries: 46
  • Query Rejections: 33
  • Partials Requested: 5
  • Outstanding Partials: 1
  • Partials Rejected: 4
  • Fulls Requested: 0
  • Fulls Rejected: 0

It’s weird to think when I started these posts I only had one manuscript I was shopping, now I’m up to two with a third on the way. More updates next time.

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